THE IMPROFESSOR applies theatrical improvisation to change the way people and organizations lead, create, and collaborate. With a deep understanding of improvisational theory and practice, The Improfessor creates supportive environments for people to unleash their imaginations, take risks, and to develop interpersonal, managerial, leadership, collaboration, and creative skills. 


The Improfessor's founder is THERESA ROBBINS DUDECK, PhD. She is a theatre practitioner and 2019-2020 U.S. Fulbright Scholar with expertise in applied improvisation. Theresa is considered one of the foremost teachers of Keith Johnstone's Impro System. She is author of the critically acclaimed Keith Johnstone: A Critical Biography (Bloomsbury 2013) and co-editor of the first book of applied improvisation case studies, Applied Improvisation: Leading, Collaborating, and Creating Beyond the Theatre (Methuen Drama 2018). Theresa is also the co-founder/co-director of one of the only international symposiums focused on theatrical improvisation, the Global Improvisation Initiative (GII).