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A Spot of Keith: 5000 Faces

When Keith Johnstone was told by doctors he was going blind, he drew 5000 faces so he would, at least, have a sense of what people looked like. He didn't lose his sight, but he did finish the faces in 15 months. This excerpt is taken from footage shot for our ON KEITH docuseries. Keith and I discuss this amazing project and how the process relates to IMPRO. Click image to watch.   

About the Impro System

The Impro System (i.e., Theresa's term for denoting Keith Johnstone's theories, pedagogy, techniques, exercises, games, and terminology) is Keith's most important contribution to theatre practice worldwide. Theresa explains it here.

Talk with Keegan-Michael Key

Actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key gives advice to Chapman students while leading a workshop for Dr. Theresa Dudeck's "Impro for Actors" class.

Hear the entire interview between radio personality Russell Bowers and myself by clicking the link below. We talk about my book Keith Johnstone: A Critical Biography, Loose Moose, and more!  It was a wonderfully engaging conversation. Russell asked really great questions. 

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Interview with Theresa - CBC Radio Russell Bowers
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