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The workshops below are a very small sampling of the types of workshops The Improfessor facilitates for organizations and in academic settings. All workshops are adaptable in terms of content, length, and structure (e.g., all can be offered as online, virtual training sessions), and will evolve according to the needs of the group and to the experience level of the participants. The Improfessor also coaches individuals and is an engaging, experienced speaker. Her presentations on improvisation for organizations, conferences, and other events are entertaining, impactful, and often interactive.

Impro System Training
In this training, actors, improvisers, directors, writers, and other artists practice and learn how to apply the Impro System to their artistic processes. It is useful for experienced improvisers who want to learn specifically about Johnstone’s Impro System but also for those with limited experience who would like to acquire a set of widely applicable impro tools. More specifically, you will learn how the Impro System can: support the technical training required of theatre artists working individually and with an ensemble; assist directors in focusing others towards a vision or a solution to a problem; inspire and generate characters, narrative, and other material for scripted and non-scripted performances; and sharpen a range of soft skills useful to all the roles we play in life, on-stage and off.
Impro for Leadership
Effective leaders put people first with a focus on empathy and relationship building. They establish working environments that support collaboration, innovation, and risk-taking. They communicate expressively and authentically. And they know how to be present, how to tune in, and how to unleash the creative potential of others. These leadership skills can be sharpened through improvisational training. Impro for Leadership applies both the theoretical principles and related practices of improvisational theatre and business to create better leaders for today's innovation and relationship economy. Can be facilitated as an ongoing development program and/or adapted for half-day intensives or weekend retreats.
Impro for Team Building
Groundbreaking ideas emerge from innovative teams, igniting a series of sparks collaboratively. The most effective teams, in fact, operate like successful improvisation troupes. They find a balance between structure and surprise. They generate new, exciting ideas using the principle of “Yes, and.” They practice responsive listening and observation skills. They take risks and embrace failure as part of their process. And they remain flexible and resilient in unpredictable, high-stakes, ever-changing environments. Impro training is really fun and will give your team a set of tools that can stimulate collaborative, courageous, spontaneous, authentically engaged, dynamic interaction in the workplace.

“We hired Theresa to be part of the MBA Professional Development program because we wanted our students to step out of their comfort zones and push past their typically linear, analytical way of thinking. With a focus on storytelling, Theresa guided them through a series of exercises to help them think on their feet, be more open minded, and create a compelling narrative for themselves and others. The students enjoyed the opportunity to engage in a unique, high-energy format, and our staff saw them take initial steps in telling their stories in ways that would be interesting and meaningful to prospective employers in their fields”

~ LAUREN KLENTAK, (former) Associate Director, MBA Professional Development, Chapman University

“Theresa’s skill in facilitating this intensive demonstrated her deep understanding of improvisational forms and her unquestioned ability to lead actors of varying levels of experience and expertise through advanced theatrical and improvisational methods and theories. In addition to her skills and scholarship, Theresa brings a warm touch and an optimistic outlook to any endeavor she’s involved in. She inspires you to do better than your best, and supports you every step of the way through the process”

~ STEVE KAPLAN, Comedy Writing Expert

The Hidden Tools of Comedy: The Serious Business of Being Funny

“In the world of coaching and sports, where the working environment and individuals are constantly changing, being able to accurately assess a situation and make quick decisions is imperative. Theresa Dudeck’s teachings on Impro gives coaches and leaders a necessary toolkit in which to draw from in these types of situations. Over the past year I have used many of the techniques from Theresa’s teachings to improve my ability to communicate and lead in crunch time situations. The skills learned in the Impro training are highly transferable to any industry or career path… and they’re fun”

~ DAN KRIKORIAN, Musician/Songwriter and Assistant Coach of Men's Basketball, Chapman University

"I went to an advisory board meeting that was going to be discussing careers in construction. I was strictly going to meet potential employers to network with for my new job. I introduced myself to the person organizing the meeting and she asked if I would sit on the panel as an advisor! I have zero experience in the construction field and I suddenly find myself sitting in front of thirty people and next to individuals who all work in construction. I kept thinking, this is what Theresa prepared me for, to say Yes, And...! The meeting went well, I made connections, and I was invited to another meeting as a result of being open to offers"

~  AARON PEREZ, Job Developer, Rio Honda College


“Theresa led an Impro for Scientists workshop in my upper-level chemistry course with the purpose of helping young, aspiring scientists learn how to effectively communicate science. She masterfully led the students through a series of exercises designed to cultivate the communication skills they will need in their careers, such as thinking on your feet, using simple language to explain complicated ideas, and reacting to your audience. Theresa crafted an open and safe environment that allowed the students to quickly open up beyond their comfort zone, have fun, and learn in the process. The students found the exercises to be extremely valuable tools in developing and practicing skills that they will use throughout their scientific careers” 

~ DR. JERRY LaRUE, Assistant Professor, Schmid College of Science and Technology, Chapman University 

“I was consistently impressed with the level of sophistication of the shows Theresa produced. She worked with limited time and with limited resources. In spite of those challenges, every show topped the last. The shows were always original, created from group collaboration, and inspiring to watch. It never ceased to amaze me that she was able to cultivate such wonderful performances out of non-professional young adults. I think she has an amazing gift” (reflecting on Theresa's youth theatre company)

~ PATRICIA WHITCHER, Executive Producer

Spider-Man: HomecomingThe AvengersThorThe SoloistDreamgirlsMemoirs of a Geisha

​“My time with Theresa, though short, was very inspiring. Theresa understands the value of multiple methods for effective theatre-making.  In her Directing class, she skillfully combined improvisational practices into a wider context, and workshop exercises and techniques were backed up with texts from some of the world’s greatest theatre makers. Because professors often only give you their narrow perspective, Theresa’s classes were very important for me. For example, I now see impro as an effective tool to deal with text and blocking, and her direction provoked me to rethink what it means to be an interesting actor onstage”

~ TOM BRENNAN, actor, founding member of The Wardrobe Ensemble, U.K.



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