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Theresa's Interview on Beautiful Work Podcast

Just released today! My episode on "Beautiful Work" podcast! Host Dan Krikorian, a successful musician, songwriter, assistant men's basketball coach at Chapman University, and a former impro student of mine, interviewed me for this wonderful podcast series that includes award-winning authors, musicians, athletes, coaches, artists, education professionals, and more. When Dan was working on his master's degree at Chapman, he took my Impro for Leadership course. During and between classes, Dan and I would often discuss how impro and an impro mindset connected to basketball and coaching. We talk about this and much more in our hour-long conversation. Dan is a generous host and asks really good questions. I hope you enjoy our conversation and please support Dan's work by subscribing to the podcast. Click here or on image above to listen to my episode! (Also available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc.).

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