Theresa is currently teaching fall workshops and courses for Portland State University, Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland), and The Actors Conservatory (Portland), as well as facilitating trainings for various organizations. Coming up...

  • Improvisation for Collaborating, Creating, and Connecting at Artists Repertory Theatre (online course): Saturdays, 10:30am - 12:30pm, January 30 - March 6 (six sessions). Registration information here.

    • Course description: Improvisation is not just for actors! “Applied Improvisation” is a rapidly growing field of practice, which uses improvisation theatre techniques and theories applied to human development and training. Innovative organizations around the globe now hire impro-trained facilitators to teach their people to do offstage what successful improvisers do onstage: work collaboratively and spontaneously, respond to curve-balls with agility, generate endless ideas, engage authentically with and effectively deliver stories to audiences, listen deeply, notice more, and inspire others. In this six-week class, participants will apply the techniques and theories of improvisational theatre to sharpen skills useful in collaborative creation and for building stronger connections with others. 

  • Improvisation for Actors, Level II, at Artists Repertory Theatre (online course), Wednesdays, 5:30 - 7:30pm, February 3 - March 10 (six sessions). Registration info here.

    • Course description: Building on the basic theatre improvisation theories and techniques practiced in Level I, this 6-week, online improvisation workshop will dive much deeper into impro methods that develop the artist’s imagination, range of expression, and skills for creating compelling performances (scripted and unscripted), stories, and unique characters (including an introduction to comic mask techniques using faces and everyday objects). This workshop is not only for actors but for artists (directors, writers, educators, etc.) who are interested in bringing an improvisation mindset, more spontaneity, and play into your creative, collaborative processes.